County Line Security Storage LLC

Terms of Service





Rental terms shall commence on {move-in date} and shall continue on a month-to- month basis until terminated. The minimum rental term is one month. Tenant may terminate this Contract by giving WRITTEN notice to Owner no less than three days prior to Rent Due Date and vacate the Unit prior to the Rent Due Date. Owner may terminate this Contract for any reason whatsoever by giving notice to Tenant no less than seven days before Rent Due Date.



Tenant has inspected Unit and all common areas of the Premises and has found them to be satisfactory and acceptable for all purposes, including the safety and security for  which the Tenant shall use the Unit. Tenant is responsible to provide a lock for the Unit, sufficient to secure the Unit to the satisfaction of the Tenant. Owner may, at their option, provide Tenant an additional lock to secure the Unit.



Tenant shall pay a damage deposit in the amount of fifty dollars for 5x10 or 10x10, seventy-five dollars for 10x20 or 10x30, and one hundred dollars for 10x40. Tenant cannot use the damage deposit towards rent. Tenant agrees that Owner need not segregate this damage deposit from other funds, and that no interest will be due for the period of time which the damage deposit is held. This damage deposit, less all expenses incurred by Owner for damage to or cleaning of the Unit (Unit must be broom swept clean and free of all debris) or Premises, shall be returned within thirty days after Tenant has terminated this Contract and has removed all locks and all stored property from the Unit. At Owners sole option, amounts may be withheld from the damage deposit to compensate Owner for any rent or other charges due and unpaid under this Contract. The following items are prior damage that was noted by Owner and Tenant at the time of rental.



Tenant is responsible to pay the rent on or before the Rent Due Date. If Tenant defaults in rent payment the unit(s) will be locked out same day. The Owner does not send monthly billing notices. NO partial payments will be accepted. Rent shall be made payable to County Line Security Storage, LLC. by mail at 850 Baseline Road, Brighton, CO 80601, by auto-charge (credit cards), by phone (credit cards), or for the convenience of the Tenant at 850 Baseline Road, Brighton, CO 80601 (Premises). Check payments may be converted into a one-time electronic fund transfer from Tenant’s account or processed as a check transaction. Funds may be withdrawn from Tenant’s account as soon as the same day. If Tenant’s payment is returned due to insufficient funds, Tenant authorizes Owner to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from Tenant’s account to collect a fee as allowed by state law. (Colorado: $20 or 20% of check face value, whichever is greater.) All payments made during the last hour of the business day will be credited the next business day and will be subject to any late fees that apply. For past due accounts, the gate codes will be re-activated and our locks removed on the next business day. If rental rate is increased and Tenant has made advanced payments, the new rate will be charged against such payments. If Tenant occupies Unit on the Rent Due Date or beyond the Rent Due Date of any month, Tenant shall pay full rent for that additional monthly period. Tenant shall not be entitled to any proration for the period in which this Contract is terminated.



A. ADMINISTRATION/SET-UP FEE: A ten dollar non-refundable fee is due at time of rental.


     1) A late fee of ten dollars will be assessed, for rental payments that are received five to nine days past Rent Due Date. Late fees are charged each month rent is late.

     2) A late fee of twenty-five dollars will be assessed, for rental payments that are received ten days or more past Rent Due Date. Late fees are charged each month rent is late.

C. NSF CHECK FEE: Any return checks will have a twenty-five dollar or 20% of check’s face value (whichever’s greater) service charge.

D. LOCK REMOVAL FEE: A twenty-five dollar lock removal fee will be charged, if Tenant requests a lock removal for any reason. If Tenant is in default, the Owner will have the right to remove any additional lock and charge the Tenant twenty-five dollars for removal.

E. RE-ENTRY FEE: If Tenant is in default due to non-pay over thirty days, the Owner will charge Tenant an additional seventy-five dollar re-entry fee.



A. Tenant shall be deemed to be in default if any monthly rent due is not paid by the fifth day after Rent Due Date, if any check given in payment is dishonored, or if Tenant shall fail or refuse to timely perform any of the terms and conditions of the Contract.

B. Owner has the right to deny Tenant onto the Premises and to require cash or certified funds from the Tenant to cure any default on rent.

C. Owner has the right to deny Tenant onto the Premises until any checks that were accepted to cure any default on rent clears.

D. If Tenant is in default, Tenant’s personal property in the Unit shall be subject to a possessor lien in favor of Owner, from the date rent is due and unpaid, for rent, for late fees, and all other expenses incurred in the prosecution sale or disposal of Tenants property under Colorado law. Personal property stored in the Unit will be sold or otherwise disposed of, if no payment had been received for a continuous thirty day period after default. The Tenant may still be sent to collections for their balance, disposal fees, collections fees, and legal fees after repossession has occurred. The Owner’s lien shall be superior to any other lien or security interest, except those which have been provided to Owner by Tenant in Colorado prior to the date of the Contract.



Owner, Owner’s Agents, and Employees shall not be liable to Tenant for any damage, loss or personal injury to any person, or any personal property stored in, on or about the Premises, arising from any cause whatsoever, including, but not limited to, theft, fire, mysterious disappearance, acts of God, or the active or passive acts, omissions or negligence of Owner, Owner’s Agents or Employees. Tenant shall indemnify and hold Owner, Owner’s Agents and Employees harmless from any and all damage, loss or personal injury arising in any way out of Tenant’s use of the Premises. Tenant understands Owner does not insure Tenant’s property. The Tenant, may at their option, provide insurance protection on all personal property stored in the Unit against all damages caused by fire, theft, vandalism, water, wind, acts of God, and any other cause. Tenant releases Owner, Owner’s Agents, and Employees from all claims for damage or loss of personal property stored in the unit or on the Premises, and for personal injury that is caused by any accident, peril of other such occurrence that is or would normally be covered under Tenant’s insurance. Tenant will be liable for all acts of any and all individuals whom Tenant allows access to the Premises and will defend Owner against any such claims. Tenant understands that it is their responsibility to provide any and all insurance for their personal property stored in Unit at their expense.



If tenant violates any of the provisions of this section, Owner may immediately terminate this Contract and order Tenant to remove all of the contents of the Unit. Tenant will indemnify and hold Owner harmless against all claims made against Owner as a result of Tenant's violation of the provisions of this section.

A. Tenant may use the Unit solely for the storage of personal property, which belongs to the Tenant.

B. Tenant may not store or even temporarily bring any hazardous or toxic waste materials, explosives or
flammable materials into the Unit or onto the Premises.

C. Unit cannot be used for residential purposes, storing perishable items nor may animals be stored.

D. Tenant agrees to maintain Unit in good condition and will not damage the Unit in any way. No alteration or additions to the Unit will be allowed.

E. Tenant will not operate any power tools or create the use of temporary electrical power to the Unit.

F. Tenant may not sublet or assign this Contract to anyone.

G. Tenant is responsible to keep all pets brought onto the premises on a leash and under the control of the Tenant. Tenant must clean up after the pet.

H. For the safety and consideration of everyone, please slowly drive forward through Premises at all times. Do not back-up to a Unit. Do not block aisles or gate. Drive only on the concrete.

I. Access to the Premises will not be allowed for twenty-four hours after a snowfall that exceeds four inches in depth, to allow for snow removal.

J. Tenant agrees to vacate the facility before 10 pm MST and not enter before 6 am MST. Failure to do will result in a minimum fine of Thirty Five Dollars up to Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars.



Owner retains the right to enter Unit at all reasonable times for inspection, repairs or alterations as the Owner determines necessary. Owner will provide Tenant a three day written notice of its intent to gain access to the Unit, except in case of default or an emergency when Owner will have the right to enter immediately.



Any written notice required or permitted under the terms of this Contract may be personally served or may be served by postage prepaid in the United States Mail and addressed to the party at the address provided within. Tenant is responsible to provide WRITTEN NOTIFICATION to Owner of any change in address or phone number within thirty days. Such change will become effective when received by Owner. It is Tenant’s responsibility to verify that Owner has received and recorded the requested change. Any changes on envelopes or checks will not constitute as written notification.